Seniors Palliative Care Options

As our seniors age, we as caregivers see changes in their health and physical functioning.  Sometimes the changes that we see can be frightening and it is scary looking into the future.  Aging is inevitable.  How we face the challenges of the aging process will help us to deal with things that may feel overwhelming. … Read more

When Your Senior Says NO to Caregivers

Many of us who care for seniors are facing the need for in-home caregivers.  We know our parents or grandparents need a little bit more help with some activites in their homes.  However, we are not able to be with them during the day when these activities are needed.  Making a decision to get help … Read more

Aging in Place Introduction for Family Caregivers

Buzzwords and lingo are common with the senior/aging “industry”, with many having meaning only to industry organizations or service providers. Aging in Place is a buzz word (yes, it’s really a phrase but typically said almost as a single word) that has real meaning to both family caregivers and their senior loved ones. This episode … Read more

Seniors’ Five Wishes: Key Health and End of Life Decisions

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Senior Care Corner® Podcast! We are introducing the podcast in hopes this medium helps reach more family caregivers. The format of each episode will include news items for family members and other caregivers, in depth discussion of a featured topic and a tip for enhancing the life of … Read more

Seniors Spring Into Action!

Seniors, and all of us, are learning how important being active is to our health and well-being. Spring is a great time to get our bodies into motion. If your senior loved ones are not active now, it is time to begin—it is never too late to start! There are many physical benefits of physical … Read more

Access to Preventive Care for Seniors

Seniors struggle to afford the lifesaving tests and procedures that are recommended for them to stay healthy.  Under the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the government is attempting to close the gap between the cost of care and the accessibility of preventive care.  The goal of the new legislation is to eliminate the … Read more