Senior Home Safety Tips for Aging in Place

As our elder loved ones age, their ability to adeptly handle the common obstacles around their home is probably not what it was when they were younger.  The Home Safety Council is encouraging us to take a good look at the homes of our seniors – wherever they live – to be sure they are … Read more

Seniors’ Simple Pleasures

We all have little things that bring us joy in our day to day lives.  What are yours? Today I sat back and thought: “This is a great moment.”  I was sitting on a boat on a beautiful blue green lake with the wind in my hair and the warm sun on my face.  It … Read more

Clinical Trials & Our Senior Loved Ones

We report about studies every day that have found new information about a disease.  Things we often hear about in the news from recent studies are new drugs to treat a chronic condition, a new gene that will unlock a cure, how siblings are affected by a particular condition, how a mother’s nutrition can affect the … Read more

Caregiver’s Inspiration

Inspiration –  defined by Merriam Webster as the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. We all need a little inspiration especially those who are working day in and day out to care for a loved one.  Many days seem so difficult when our names are forgotten, when we get yelled at for … Read more

Accountable Care Organizations and Seniors

If you are like us, you are hearing more and more lately in the news and on the web about Accountable Care Organizations or ACOs. In a nutshell, an Accountable Care Organization is a system or model of payment that encourages all healthcare organizations to get better at providing care and being efficient.  The better … Read more

Communications = Piece of Mind & Safety

What’s your plan for assuring your senior loved one is safe after a tornado, hurricane or other severe weather event?  Storms have carried tragedy to many areas of the US this Spring and along with it helplessness for those cut off by the storm and worry for distant loved ones.  Those issues were particularly strong … Read more