The BEST Device for Seniors to Access the Web & Social Media is…

There are many benefits for seniors in accessing social media and the web, but which device is the best one for that purpose out of the many options that are available (a number that is growing all the time)?  That question is one we hear frequently from both elder readers and their family members.  We … Read more

Overcoming Seniors’ Technology Fears

Heard this one before:  “it’s too complicated for me” or maybe “I’ll get my grandchildren to explain it” coming from elderly family members or friends when dealing with electronic devices?  Regardless of the reason given, some (certainly not all) of our senior loved ones are avoiding the new technologies that can add to the quality … Read more

Challenges for Family Caregivers Feeding Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease presents many challenges to family members and other caregivers of seniors.  Key among those is making sure our senior loved ones continue to get the nutrition they need through the food they eat. The feature segment in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast addresses those challenges are offers suggestions to help … Read more

Priceless Family Reminiscing with Seniors

Reminiscing is the recollection and retelling of stories from past experiences and events.  For seniors, it is important to recollect these experiences to affirm who they are and what their life has meant, not to mention the benefits gained from recalling pleasant memories. Sharing reminisces provides an opportunity for the senior to be mentally stimulated and pull from … Read more

5 Benefits of Social Media for Seniors – Let’s Help Them Get Online!

Too old for social media? Don’t let anyone tell you – or your senior loved one – that, because it’s not possible! Growing numbers of older adults are proving that every day. Survey after survey reflects more senior Americans, including those in the most elderly groups, participating in social media. That being said, their numbers still … Read more