Safe Travels with Elderly Loved Ones

We all like to take a trip from time to time. We may be traveling to our families – to visit, attend a family event or to help someone in need. At other times we travel around the country to see a new place, visit a special city or go somewhere we “wanted to go … Read more

Plan Ahead for The Costs of Caregiving

Are you  one of the estimated 65 million family caregivers?  Are one of the 42.1 million who care for an adult who can no longer do their own activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, toileting, preparing meals, cleaning or transporting themselves to places they need to go like the doctor? Does your senior live … Read more

Time to Get Senior Loved Ones on Social Media

Hurricane warnings involving millions of residents on the US East coast … many mandatory evacuations, including over 250,000 in New York City alone … dire warnings of historic storm impacts. Hurricane Irene certainly presented an exceptional communications challenge for seniors and their families & caregivers – and hopefully the kick in the pants we need … Read more

DNR & Other Advance Directives: What Families & Caregivers Need to Know (Part 1)

Many caregivers and other family members are currently struggling with health decisions for their senior loved ones.  If you aren’t yet, it’s likely you will eventually be asked to make these decisions and, actually, the sooner the better for everyone involved.  These documents need to be completed before they are needed when all parties are … Read more

Get the Facts: Alzheimer’s and Your Senior Loved One

Alzheimer’s Dementia is the difficulty remembering names and recent events. It involves depression and apathy in the early stages, leading up to confusion, disorientation, behavioral changes, impaired judgment and difficulty with walking, speaking and swallowing.  A visit to the doctor can determine whether these are signs of Alzheimer’s in your loved one or possible something else. … Read more

How Seniors Connect on Facebook: The Convergence of Online & Offline Social Networking

Facebook friends are found by searching for those we know, knew in the past or looking at who Facebook recommends, right?  That may be how many people make connections on social media sites, but from our experience with seniors, particularly those in the oldest age groups, they often go about it differently. Many seniors take an … Read more

Tell Us How Senior Care Corner Can Help YOU!

We love hearing from so many of you that Senior Care Corner has provided you tips and insights that have helped you as family members and/or caregivers of senior adults.   With 100+ blog posts and a number of podcast episodes on the site so far and no end in sight — and certainly none planned … Read more