Being Face to Face with Senior Loved Ones — When You Can’t Be There

Many seniors and their families are fortunate enough to spend each holiday season together. Other families are not in the same situation and are unable, for any of a multitude of reasons, to spend the holidays with their senior loved ones. Most long distance family caregivers we’ve encountered want to spend quality, personal time with … Read more

Help Our Seniors Enjoy a Good Story Again

Our senior loved ones have spent many a happy time over the years reading a good story — and maybe even reading a story to us! After all, before the internet (and, some would say, even with it) our elders found the pages of good books to be the best way without leaving home of … Read more

Gift of Poetry: Alzheimer’s Patient’s Prayer

Families are coming together to celebrate the holidays. Infants to elderly are gathering to share memories and make new ones. A growing number of families include one or more seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, cherished loved ones who find it increasingly difficult to recall those life events that are the family’s special memories. If yours is … Read more