Are You the Middle of a Triple Decker Sandwich?

Many baby boomers have grown to think of themselves as part of what has been termed the “sandwich generation”, caring for their aging parents or grandparents and their children at the same time. Calling that simply a sandwich overlooks a very important part of the equation, unfortunately the same part many boomers overlook — yourself. Sharing … Read more

Keep Senior Brains Sharp – and It’s Fun Too!

Maintaining cognition (awareness, reasoning & judgment) as our senior loved ones age is an important concern for family members and other caregivers.  A decline in mental abilities can often impact the ability of our elders to maintain the independence they desire. We are often looking for the magic pill that allows us to age gracefully or … Read more

10 Timeless Rules for Good Health

Modern medicine has advanced far beyond what was done in the past and there is nothing we can borrow from the past to improve the lives of our senior loved ones, right? Don’t be so sure. Here is a case where the modern and detailed may not be able to beat the traditional and simple. … Read more

Seniors: Trendsetters in Food Industry for 2012

Boomers, or at least the elder ones, are crossing the threshold into seniordom and as a result the population growth among seniors is expected to, well, boom in the years to come. Now we are learning that this senior population group has power, purchasing power that is. Despite the hit to their retirement funds taken by … Read more

Promise of CES 2012: Better Lives for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

The biggest and best-attended International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) so far also held the most promise for improving the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of the lives of seniors and their loved ones. At the same time, the technology industry in general is still not focusing enough attention — translating into products and services — … Read more

Journal Your Senior Loved One’s Memories

Most of us have heard our senior loved one telling stories about certain things, usually funny, that happened to them in their life. For instance, my kids have heard frequently from their mom about potatoes for dinner every night or how their dad swung from the back porch from a rope growing up. However, what … Read more