Portrait of the Senior Population to Help Us Know OUR Loved Ones

Helping family caregivers see themselves and understand their own needs, as we do in “You Might Be a Family Caregiver“, is a frequent topic of Senior Care Corner posts and podcasts. Gaining insight into the lives and needs of our senior loved ones is our focus in this podcast episode. We often feel we know … Read more

Successfully Navigating the Medicare System with Senior Loved Ones

Over time many caregivers of senior loved ones find themselves taking on many more challenges than ever imagined. It certainly doesn’t stay as easy as simply going grocery shopping or preparing a meal for them anymore. One of the tasks for which we may find ourselves taking responsibility is their health care financing. Do they have … Read more

Alzheimer’s Genetics: Would You Want to Know?

Alzheimer’s disease is a scary diagnosis, both for the patient and their loved ones. There is almost no one in America who is currently unaffected by this disease either with a loved one, friend or possibly themselves. What if you were told you have the “gene” for Alzheimer’s? Would you want to be tested or … Read more