Fighting the Salt Habit: Weapons to Help Seniors Win

Has your senior loved one’s doctor recently said that it’s time to cut out the salt for the sake of health? Many seniors are encouraged to reduce their salt intake for a variety of health reasons, including blood pressure control, better kidney function, improved congestive heart failure, reduced edema, and other conditions. Many people struggle … Read more

Struggles of Family Caregivers as Told in One’s Moving Story

Being a family caregiver, especially to aging senior loved ones (or even not loved ones), is often described as rewarding and exhausting, confusing and frustrating, a joy and a burden. The National Family Caregivers Association, AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving report there are more than 65 million people in the US, which accounts … Read more

Essential Family Caregiving Discussion This Holiday Season

Seniors, especially those with health, physical or memory issues, should sit down with the other adults in their families to openly discuss their needs and the roles of the rest of the family in assuring those needs are met. Unfortunately, those meetings – and the sharing of thoughts and feelings among family members – don’t … Read more