Family Caregivers Planning the Care Needed for…the Caregivers

Family caregivers do a fantastic job giving of themselves to care for others. In doing so, however, they often neglect to care for themselves. As we often discuss, the selfless act of putting their own needs last or even leaving them unaddressed hurts even the one for whom the family caregiver is doing so much … Read more

Elder Justice Act – What Family Caregivers Should Know

The Elder Justice Act (EJA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010 as part of the Affordable Care Act in order to ensure available federal resources to “prevent, detect, treat, understand, intervene in and, where appropriate, prosecute elder abuse, neglect and exploitation” (from a good discussion we found by the APA). The EJA provides … Read more

Support Meals on Wheels “Made with Love” to Help Fight Senior Hunger

Did you know that hunger among American seniors is at a crisis point? Food insecurity exists whenever the availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or the ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways is limited or uncertain. This is the way we now describe hunger for many seniors who are unable to … Read more

Family Caregiver Technology Planning for Aging in Place Loved Ones

Technology promises safer, healthier and more comfortable lives for our senior loved ones – a promise that is growing rapidly as more tech companies discover the promise aging customers have to offer them and learn how to develop products with seniors in mind, particularly those choosing to age in place at home. Just as the … Read more

Seniors Using Their Cell Phones as … Phones

With more computing power than carried on the first moon mission, our cell phones – smartphones in particular – give us the ability to perform many functions beyond simply making phone calls. In fact, many are capable of making phone calls without using the phone system. Most of us utilize the capabilities our phones give … Read more

Depression Pays Holiday Visit to Seniors: What a Family Caregiver Can Do

‘Tis the season of joy! Maybe not… Recently I spoke with a geriatric specialist who said “I wish they would cancel December”. This specialist was not being a Scrooge but in actuality was stating obvious concern for seniors from years of experience with elders. Experience shows that for elders the holiday season can trigger a … Read more