Dietitian’s Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One’s System Regular

Let’s not be squeamish…it’s time to deal with irregularity.  It’s not all about eating yogurt every day! Even though it happens in every person, seniors are most often affected by irregularity and many seem to focus their attention on their bowel movements more than they realize. While an occasional bout of constipation is probably natural, … Read more

Seniors’ Financial Identity Under Attack – Senior Care Corner Show Discussion

Seniors’ finances ARE under attack from those who want to take their money or make money stealing their identities to impersonate them. Our latest episode of the Senior Care Corner® Show addresses how we can help our seniors protect what they have from ID theft. Of course, everyone’s finances are under attack, but our mission … Read more

Seniors Tracking Their Health – There’s an App for That

Medical tracking using the latest technology is growing stronger every day. We believe that your senior loved ones, while beginning to adopt technology, probably haven’t yet gotten familiar with some great technology apps that can help them track and improve their health and wellness. Many of our seniors are using smartphones in a variety of … Read more

Complementary Medicine: Will it Benefit Your Senior Loved One?

Chronic diseases are taking hold of our senior loved ones as they age and have many of us looking for alternate strategies to help them improve their health. If that’s you, know that you’re not alone in the quest. Many people are turning to complementary and alternative medicine (also called CAM). Yes, alternative medicine. Before … Read more

Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers Making End of Life Decisions

End of life care decisions are among the toughest of the many difficult decisions caregivers face along their journey caring for senior loved ones. When caring for someone with dementia, especially Alzheimer’s dementia, these decisions can be even more difficult, but planning ahead can help you tread these waters at least a bit more easily. … Read more