Sustainable Aging in Place: Features to Make it a Reality in Your Community

Seniors and their family caregivers in growing numbers are finding the right solutions to make aging in place a reality. More seniors are becoming healthier to face their aging head on. They’re managing to put realistic financial plans in place to allow them to maintain their lifestyle while paying for ever-rising healthcare costs. Many of … Read more

Understanding Seniors’ Drug Labels and Why It’s Important to Read Them

Millions of seniors, more than likely your loved ones included, take prescription drugs every day. According to the latest information available from the Centers for Disease Control, there are 2.6 billion prescription drugs ordered each year. 73% of adults over 60 years use tw0 or more prescription drugs while 37% use more than five. The … Read more

Advance Directives: When a Power of Attorney Holder Becomes Incompetent

Advance directives — including living wills and, if desired, Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) orders — for our senior loved ones and even family caregivers are very important, we believe. Making end of life wishes clear is crucial, both for each individual and their family members. It’s also vital to designate who will look out for your interests … Read more