11 Benefits Seniors Get When They Volunteer – All While Helping Others

Many seniors have lived lives of helping their communities, their churches, their schools and a variety of organizations. They understand the value of making commitments of time and talents to improve the world around them and provide assistance to others in need. Volunteerism doesn’t end when retirement begins. For many, in fact, it may well … Read more

Heart Failure Treatment for Seniors – Featuring Mobile Health Technology

Heart failure. Does your senior loved one have it – and it them? Have repeated hospital admissions plagued them over the past year due to congestive heart failure? Are they closely following their treatment plan? Everyday monitoring by their healthcare team become part of her or his routine? What should family caregivers know to help … Read more

You Can Be a Long Distance Family Caregiver – Senior Care Corner Show

Family caregiver of senior loved ones is a role that knows no bounds of gender, age or ability — requiring only that one care enough to take actions that make better the lives of aging family members. It isn’t even necessary to be in the senior’s home, city or state to provide valuable senior care. … Read more