Financial Abuse of Seniors: Regulators’ Guidance to Banks on Reporting Role

Seniors abused through exploitation of their finances, property or assets are targeted by people they know, including members of their family, caregivers, home contractors and financial advisers. That’s in addition to the scam artists and others we commonly think of as crooks. Financial crime – abuse somehow doesn’t seem strong enough a word – by … Read more

Commission on Long Term Care Report Insights – Senior Care Corner Show

12 million Americans need long term care services, a number certain to grow as the nation ages. Who will provide those services and where will we get the dollars to cover the costs? Good questions. In January 2013, Congress called for an effort to answer those questions by establishing the Commission on Long Term Care … Read more

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Week 3: Caring for Family Caregivers’ Health

It’s both one of the most important and most challenging things most of us will do in our lifetimes – caring for a senior loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease! Those special people are our focus in this, the third in Senior Care Corner’s series of weekly topics to mark World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Our … Read more