Want a Cellular Data Plan with That Tablet for Your Senior? Should You?

Tablets are taking over the computer world and it’s easy to see why. Portability, convenience, touch control, battery life and price (for most tablets, anyway) put them ahead of traditional laptops in meeting the needs of many people. With many consumers and businesses buying tablets instead of updating computers, the market is big enough that … Read more

24 Valuable Tips & Techniques for Healthy Family Holiday Meals

I’m a dietitian and always mindful of making every meal healthy for those who share my table. During the holidays we share our time and our traditions with loved ones including unhealthy eating habits. Unfortunately, sometimes holiday traditions and family recipes cause many of us to forget our yearlong healthy ways. We might get caught … Read more

Unhealthy Habits – Doctors & Other Care Professionals Help Break Them

Healthy behaviors – does your senior loved ones’ doctor have a discussion about them during appointments? Do you have those discussions with your doctor? Most physicians have limited time for each patient who comes in for a visit and often spends that time assessing physical signs and talking about prescription drugs. Does the medicine need … Read more