4 Dangerous “Good Old Days” Habits to Break & New Bad Tech Habits

Ah, the Good Old Days…how often have we heard that from our senior loved ones, often followed by something they enjoyed then but can’t do now. Unfortunately, there really are many everyday activities from past years that aren’t safe today, habits that could lead to financial or physical harm to seniors if continued… …and many … Read more

Understanding Delirium & the Effects it Can Have on Senior Loved Ones

Dementia is a condition of impaired cognition that happens over time, the changes from which are seen in a progressive decline. Delirium may include the same behaviors that people with dementia exhibit but generally with a more rapid onset. Some of your senior loved ones may have been diagnosed during a hospital stay with delirium … Read more

Weathering the Storm When the Power Goes Out – Helping Seniors Prepare

Brrrrrrrr pretty much summarizes things for many Americans. This winter’s weather has proven to be difficult for many across the country, adults and seniors alike. The storms, including the recent polar vortex, have dumped snow, rain, ice and freezing temperatures onto us and our seniors making their life hard and putting many at real risk … Read more