A Shot in the Arm – Immunizations Protect Seniors & Family Caregivers

August marks our celebration of Immunization Awareness Month to get us all ready to enter this winter’s flu season prepared! We know how important and life-saving immunizations can be for every member of the family but especially our senior loved ones who may be vulnerable to contracting illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … Read more

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease – Help Seniors Stay Engaged & Active

Family caregivers of persons with dementia are growing in numbers as the number of elders diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s increase. Dementia diagnosis has often come later in the disease but more and more, of late, the diagnosis occurs in the early stage of dementia. There are benefits to an early diagnosis, though many … Read more

Technology Tools Giving Digital Boost to Seniors & Their Family Caregivers

The age of technology can provide us as family caregivers with a great amount of information and data to help us care for our senior loved ones. Technology gives us numerous ways to learn about their disease and how it impacts them, what treatments are recommended, their medications, medical procedures, and even provides a map … Read more

Good Health News — Chronic Disease Diagnoses & Related Deaths Declining

As our population continues to age, more will become victims of chronic diseases. Many family caregivers of older adults have encourage senior loved ones to take steps in their lifestyles to prevent or lessen the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. Good news! It appears our efforts seem to be paying off, great results are coming … Read more