Connected Health Explained – What it Means to Seniors and Caregivers

Senior Care Corner believes strongly that our senior loved ones can have improved quality of life using connected health devices. The new innovations constantly coming to market are providing us with the opportunity we need to impact our own health outcomes. This is vitally important for our senior loved ones especially those who are aging … Read more

Caregivers Plan for an Aging America & Providing for Seniors’ Needs

It was 2011 when Baby Boomers, those born between 1946-1964, were beginning to turn 65 and many were forced to consider what the impact would be on society with so many people aging. Individuals, organizations and governments were considering what would be needed to meet the needs of the rapidly aging population. Caregivers of seniors … Read more

Connected Health Summit Highlights Tech for Seniors & Family Caregivers

It’s happened! Technology conferences have gone from techies talking to other techies about “someday” concepts to tech innovators talking with healthcare and retail executives about practical applications of technology to our health and wellness! Not only that, but the needs of seniors and their family caregivers are front and center in the discussion – with … Read more

Heart Healthy Agenda – September is Cholesterol Education Month

September is National Cholesterol Education Month, an especially good time to stop and think about the importance of our heart and find new strategies to refocus our efforts to do the things necessary to achieve better heart health. Family caregivers will naturally think about their senior loved ones, who may already have been diagnosed with … Read more