Note to Self: 10 Top New Year’s Personal Goals for Family Caregivers

Heading into the New Year, many people make resolutions they hope will help focus them on the road to wellness, health and prosperity. Unfortunately, after a few weeks or perhaps even a few months our resolutions are forgotten and the goals unmet. Family caregivers want the same for themselves as others – to be healthy, wealthy and … Read more

Family Holiday Traditions are Strong, Healthy and Important to Our Seniors

Are you celebrating the holidays with your senior loved ones, family members and friends? There are many ways that we celebrate our family holiday traditions, each family has its own to share. Whatever faith or festivities your family enjoys, holiday traditions are deep in your senior’s soul and mean more than you may realize to their … Read more

Preparation Can be Life Saving – Get Seniors Ready Before the Storm

Family caregivers worry about those things that could potentially affect their senior loved ones and are always on high alert for one to happen. Are you on edge at times, waiting and worrying, especially for things we can see coming, like severe weather? Have you prepared for what could happen? We have already seen areas around the US hit … Read more

Seeking to Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life? Yes, There are Apps for That!

More and more family caregivers are finding their smartphones and tablets to be useful tools in their caregiving. They are finding that the available technology is making their life a little easier, engaging their senior loved one or giving them much needed information or even support. Yes, there ARE apps for that! With all the … Read more

Work / Life Balance for Caregivers – Key to Successful Care and Life

Many family caregivers juggle a senior loved one’s needs, children, spouses and a job outside the home. Imagine the amount of juggling required every day to make everyone happy — probably everyone other than the caregiver, that is! Did you know that almost 25.5 million Americans who care for someone 50 and over are also working? In 2012 a … Read more

Many Seniors Aren’t Eating Right – How Family Caregivers Can Help

Many of our senior loved ones are not eating as well as they could, much like the rest of us. There are many factors that come into play to prevent them from eating well. There are always concerns about aging, functional decline, finances, chronic disease conditions, loneliness, and lack of motivation to change habits. Your senior … Read more