Autos at CES? Yes, Cars are Great Fit at World’s Largest Innovation Event

When your organization’s CEO arrives for the keynote address of your annual international event in a driverless Mercedes, you might be excused if you forget he’s CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. Until you remember what makes that Mercedes driverless, that is. Between the buzz surrounding the 2015 International CES and the high profiles of … Read more

Impressive Array of Connected Health Devices at CES 2015

Picture a touchless thermometer that automatically records readings in a smartphone/tablet app. Add to that picture a family caregiver sending a child’s or senior’s healthcare team a series of reliable temperature readings upon which to base a diagnosis more quickly and confidently to get treatment started. And that’s just one in a broad array of … Read more

No Resolutions – Seniors and Family Caregivers WILL Add Physical Activity

The new year is here and we are considering just which resolution goal to attempt achieve this year. Eureka! I’ve got it! Let’s work together to increase our physical activity so that not only will our senior loved ones be in a better state of health physically and mentally, but we family caregivers will be as well! Boring – … Read more