What to Do with Dusty Tech Gadgets After We Move on to New Devices

Have you noticed we have an ever-growing collection of technology gadgets we no longer use? We may have some old flip phones that our new smartphones have made obsolete, for example. Not to mention some not-so-old smartphones our new smartphones made obsolete. Perhaps we have an original tablet, an e-reader, a desktop computer and maybe a … Read more

Lost Memories – Can They be Restored in Those with Dementia?

Most of us know someone with dementia. If you don’t now, it’s likely you will shortly, since a new person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease every 67 seconds. Family caregivers of people with dementia are on the front lines, watching memories fade from their loved ones. We know how quickly names, places, dates and events are forgotten. … Read more

Seniors and Diabetes: Latest Info and Actions for Family Caregivers

Many of our senior loved ones have diabetes — 25.9%, or 11.8 million seniors over 65 are affected, according to the American Diabetes Association. That includes both cases that have been diagnosed and those that are undiagnosed. A diabetes diagnosis means our blood glucose (sugar) level is too high. The higher the level, the greater the … Read more

Measles Outbreak: Should Seniors and Family Caregivers Be Worried?

The recent outbreak of measles has sparked debate about immunizations for children, leaving family caregivers to wonder how it will affect their senior loved ones (and themselves). Did you know that older adults got the measles at Disneyland? As of this writing, 121 people were affected in that outbreak, including people up to age 70. Most of … Read more