Checkup Time: Get Seniors’ Cars Rolling Safely for Spring Driving

It’s time to get out from under winter’s grip and start thinking toward getting behind the wheel safely. Family caregivers want to ensure their senior loved ones’ cars are in tiptop shape, since a properly maintained vehicle is key to hitting the road without the road hitting back. It’s important for cars and drivers of all ages. … Read more

Complementary Health Approaches – Potential Benefits for Our Seniors?

The availability of complementary health care offerings across the country is expanding. Growing numbers of people of all ages are seeking out alternate therapies to treat medical conditions, manage side effects of traditional therapies and relieve pain. These approaches could be helpful for your senior loved one, too. What is complementary health? They are practices, … Read more

Caregiving Routines: Successful Care and Caregiver Happiness

Many family caregivers and others who have more to do than time to complete what’s needed find themselves following a strict routine — or trying to follow one. Monday is laundry, Tuesday is errand day around town like banking or mail, Wednesday is grocery shopping on discount day, Thursday is doctor and other appointment day, and on and on. … Read more