Advance Directives: Healthcare Proxy Selection and Responsibilities

The National Healthcare Decision Day campaign and others encouraging us, including our senior loved ones, to make our decisions known has resulted in many of us executing these documents. It is estimated there has been an increase of 25% in completion rates for advance directives. We’re encouraged by that progress! The more we learn about advance … Read more

An Evil Twin Can Mean Identity Theft When Connecting to Public WiFi

Our portable connected devices – that’s our smartphones, tablets and laptops – let us stay connected to our world virtually any where we go. Of course, when we’re away from the comforts and speed of our home broadband connections, or maybe don’t have one, we have to find another connection that will link us to the web. … Read more

Diagnosis Dementia – Should Seniors and Family Caregivers be Told?

A new report by the Alzheimer’s Association has brought some sobering statistics to light. Statistics that should prompt discussions among seniors, their families — and maybe their doctors. What would you want for your loved one, family member or yourself if there was medical information to share? Should the fact that there is no cure … Read more

Text Messaging – New Way To “Visit” the Doctor and Improve Healthcare

Technology has had a real impact thus far on healthcare and will continue to eventually make great improvement in the services our senior loved ones receive. Leading, hopefully, to better senior health. We are able to use technology to see their – and our – medical reports, store health history and be more closely involved in their medical data … Read more