Aging in Place Options for America’s Seniors – Will Reality Match Dreams?

We all want to live out our lives in the home of our choice. Maybe that’s the home in which we spent the majority of our lives, raised our children, and welcomed the grandchildren or the smaller place, closer to family. For others it’s none of the above, but the retirement paradise of long time dreams. Sometimes we can live out … Read more

Germs Infect Seniors’ Tech Devices – But Easy Prescription for the Cure

We love our technology gadgets, don’t we? On a recent theater trip, I noticed everyone waiting had a smartphone in their hands, engaging with something on the screen to pass the time. The overwhelming number of devices is just amazing. They have simply taken over our society. Seniors are adopting their own devices, too, at … Read more

Stop Arthritis From Limiting Seniors’ Activities & Robbing Independence

Arthritis is a constant source of pain for millions of our senior loved ones, with impacts to their lives going beyond the pain. Seniors’ arthritis can result in self-limiting actions, causing them to stop doing the things they love doing. It can even interfere with or take away their independence. Did you know that arthritis is … Read more

Nutrition is Important to Health – So What Keeps Our Seniors From Eating?

The importance of good nutrition for seniors cannot be understated as they age. Getting the nutrients they need is just as vital now as when they were younger — for some even more important. Seniors need nutrients to remain healthy and strong but often don’t need the same amount of calories as when they were younger. Because … Read more