CES 2016 – What We Hope to Learn at the Global Stage for Innovation

A new year is just down the road and with it expectations of another bigger and better CES®, the annual showcase for innovators in technology fields and their innovations. The trend in recent years at CES has been toward technologies — hardware, processes, applications, content, and more — designed to making our lives better. We’re hoping for even more this … Read more

Dementia Caregiving – Making Family Outings Work for Everyone

A dementia diagnosis unfortunately still holds a stigma for many family caregivers. They don’t want people to know about the dementia in their family or worry about what others might think if they were aware. For that reason, family caregivers may begin to shy away from their usual events, social circles and time spent out in the community … Read more

Important Cholesterol Education for Healthy Aging by Those of Any Age

One way to practice healthy aging is to understand how our meals affect our health. Eating a variety of healthy foods and avoiding foods that aren’t as healthy for us will help us all, including our senior loved ones, age more successfully. This month, as we celebrate Healthy Aging Month, we mark Cholesterol Education Month. … Read more

First Day of Fall Reminds Us to Practice Fall Prevention for Seniors!

Most falls are preventable – plain and simple. They are not a part of healthy aging and we shouldn’t anticipate that they are inevitable. Despite the fact that there are many strategies that senior adults can employ to prevent falls, older adults visit their local emergency rooms for treatment of a fall related injury every … Read more

Disasters Can Strike Anytime – Ensure Senior Loved Ones are Prepared

Is your senior love one prepared for disaster? Reminders are very helpful, especially for family caregivers who have so many responsibilities — not only for the well-being of their senior loved one but for themselves and their own families. National Preparedness Month is 30 days of reminders. It is that time again to be reminded about … Read more

7 Tips for Making a Difference in Seniors’ Health and Quality of Life

Every year in September we celebrate the well-being of older adults and encourage them to take steps to live healthier, more active lives. The goal of the celebration is to provide information to improve the lives of seniors in the areas of physical health, mental health, socialization and financial well-being. The bottom line message is … Read more