Nutritious Home Delivered Meals for Seniors & Our Take on a New Option

Senior hunger in the U.S. is a very real problem. In 2014, three million seniors over 65 were victims of food insecurity, which means they did not have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food. Seniors who live on their own, which is the goal of most, are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity. Too many older adults have limited access to … Read more

Caring for Home Medical Devices in Emergencies and Every Day

To many seniors, independent living still means a life dependent on medical devices. To family caregivers, that means to keep them well we must ensure they and all those who care for them are capable of operating their medical devices properly. That’s true every day, but especially during emergencies, such as a power outage. Medical devices can … Read more

Holiday Gatherings – Successful Visits when Alzheimer’s Joins the Family

As families make plans to visit relatives for holiday festivities, understanding strategies about how to make the most out of visits with our senior loved ones who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia is an important part of the planning. Often we need a few strategies to make the most of … Read more

Can a Technology Solution Help Seniors Prevent Dehydration?

Technology can provide our seniors with so many great benefits that can help them age in place and maintain their independence. More and more applications for technology are being developed, with many having real potential to improve the health and wellness of our seniors, often lightening the load for family caregivers. Recently we spotted a … Read more

Mindfully Adopting Eating Well Into Diabetes Control for Diabetes Month

Diabetes is a disease that is growing rapidly, with more Americans affected each day. That makes Diabetes Month one of the most important ‘awareness’ months for our health and wellness. In addition to this month’s awareness efforts, this year we mark the 75th Anniversary of the American Diabetes Association. Spreading the word about preventing the development … Read more

Achieve Successful Aging in Place With a Little Help from Friends

Independently aging in place while living in the home of their choice is the stated preference of adults in all age groups in survey after survey. Saying that’s what seniors want is a no-brainer. What’s also desired is to be able to do what they want, enjoy the company of friends and family, and feel fulfilled. Nobody wants to be a … Read more

Connected Seniors – Proving the Web is a Destination for All Ages

We believe there are great benefits for our senior loved ones who get more connected with technology. Many have done just that and are using the internet and the latest tech devices to find information, connect with people, view family photos, get coupons, travel, offer expertise in specific communities, volunteer, and stay mentally engaged as they … Read more