The Snarf Scarf: Neat Eating for Style & Dignity

Enabling senior loved ones to enjoy lives that are healthy, safe and comfortable is the mission of their family caregivers. Important to that is helping them live with self respect and dignity. Working with older adults for most of my career as a dietitian, I have worked closely with seniors who are recovering from strokes, dealing with Parkinson’s … Read more

In Case of Emergency – Helping Our Senior Loved Ones Prepare

Emergency preparedness is something family caregivers consider throughout the year. How well our senior loved ones recover from an emergency reflects their preparation. We think about getting emergency supplies in the house during storm season, as well as equipping the house with warning systems such as carbon monoxide and fire detectors. Preparedness also includes knowing the … Read more

Latest in Caregiving Robotics – Responding to Emotions and Needs

Robots are coming to family caregiving! We believe that there will be a future in which robots will actually perform some tasks that family caregivers currently perform. No one anticipates – or wants to see – robots making personal caregiving obsolete; instead they will enhance the role of caregivers by allowing them to better prioritize their time. Using a robot … Read more

Costs of Growing Old – Will Seniors’ Financial Planning Cover Them All?

Now is the time to review your senior’s financial plan for what is yet to come in terms of health and aging needs. With increasing longevity, their financial plan may need adjustment to meet future needs. Seniors, no matter their ability or wellness, are likely to need some form of care as they age, which will cost them … Read more