Transform Family Caregivers’ Future – Caregiving Innovation Frontiers

It’s less a question of “if” than “when” most of us will become family caregivers to our senior loved ones. For those who aren’t family caregivers already, that is. And MANY are! According to the latest survey by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, 40 million Americans are providing unpaid care, 25% of them … Read more

Denture Care Tips for Family Caregivers – A Key to Senior Health

Family caregivers of senior adults can find themselves tackling situations that are foreign to them on a daily basis. One caregiving task that might be unique for you as a caregiver of an elder family member is caring for their dentures. Yes, someone else’s teeth! “No way,” you say? Dentures require special care to keep them clean, … Read more

TVs, Drones, Phones & Much for Aging in Place – Our CES 2016 Wrap

Every year we anticipate new and useful technology innovations that will enable seniors to age in place longer and family caregivers to help family caregivers live safer, healthier and happier lives. Of course, those innovations are just a small — but growing — part of the seemingly endless exhibit space, spanning sites across Las Vegas. Wading through … Read more