Because Everyone is Affected – Talking to Kids About Alzheimer’s

During World Alzheimer’s Month, as we spread awareness and information about Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, it is a good time to ponder how we are discussing dementia with our younger generation. Are we talking with them about it? How are we? What do they want — and need — to know? How can we improve the interactions … Read more

Seniorization of Computers and Our Perception of Seniors Who Use Them – or Would if Given a Chance

The everyday use of computers by people who came of age before the personal computer was common or even invented is something many people thought would likely never happen. Does that mean seniors don’t use computers? Of course not. In fact, we have seen many computers in the homes, including nursing homes, of seniors when there … Read more

Cancer Moonshot Initiative Offers Hope for Seniors and Caregivers

During the State of the Union address on January 12, 2016, President Obama announced the Cancer Moonshot, a program aimed at accelerating cancer research. Curing cancer is an objective truly worthy of a moonshot type effort! He tasked Vice President Biden with heading up this new national effort. The ultimate goal is to double the rate … Read more

Evidence Based Aging Programs Shown to Provide Positive Results

Everywhere we turn there are tips and ideas purported to help Americans age gracefully. Many times we question (or should) the wisdom in the advice we read and hear. Much of the information is harmless, some simply inaccurate, oftentimes sensational enough to sell a product. Some of it, unfortunately, is dangerous if followed. But what really do … Read more