Medicare Cards Will Soon Change to Stop Needless Risk of ID Theft

Security concerns associated with the latest digital technology is a topic we frequently discuss at Senior Care Corner® to raise awareness. We remind you to secure your senior loved ones’ experiences with social media and internet banking, to make wireless connections secure, to refrain from using unsecured Wi-Fi, and avoid paper statements that can get … Read more

Brain Games – Are They the Answer to Helping Seniors Fight Dementia?

Brain games can help our senior loved ones win the battle against dementia, right? Or can they? Recent reports are mixed on whether brain games are effective at stimulating our brains and keeping dementia at bay. That’s not what we want to hear, either for loved ones or ourselves. Family caregivers are counting on keeping our brains … Read more

MADD’s Red Ribbons for Safe Driving Celebrates 30 Years of Saving Lives

Driving safety is essential, especially during the holidays when many are on the road traveling, partying, and visiting with family. The time frame between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the most dangerous on US roads. This is the perfect time to remember national safety Tie a Red Ribbon On for Safety campaign this week as MADD celebrates 30 years protecting … Read more