Technology for Aging – Thanks to Government Research Funding

Technology innovations are exploding onto the market and ever-growing numbers of products useful for aging older adults (and family caregivers) are accessible. We know many of these technology devices will be beneficial to seniors and their caregivers, though some will provide solutions looking for problems that your senior (and others) may never have. It is … Read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day — Act to Protect Seniors

You might be horrified at the number of our beloved seniors who fall victim to elder abuse. Each year, an estimated 5 million older persons are abused, neglected, and exploited. That is 1 in 10 seniors — we should all be horrified! According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), elders throughout the US lose over $36.5 billion annually … Read more

Transforming Family Caregiving — Conversation with Seniorlink on the Senior Care Corner® Podcast

Family caregiving, as we have long discussed, is often a thankless, solitary labor of love for those providing care for senior loved ones. The tremendous contributions of family caregivers have likewise failed to get their deserved recognition from the healthcare system or government agencies and officials. None of that ruffles family caregivers, of course, as … Read more