Person Centered Diabetes Care Means Better Control for Seniors

The risk of developing diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, increases when we are over 40. There are many risk factors, such as weight management, physical activity, and high blood pressure or cholesterol, that can be controlled. Lifestyle factors are actionable so seniors and their family caregivers can take steps to improve their health with the … Read more

Elder Orphans — Raising Family Caregiver Awareness on the Senior Care Corner® Podcast

Millions of older adults receive care and support from loved ones. For many, it’s those family caregivers who enable them to age in place successfully. But more than 20% of current seniors — and even higher percentages of future seniors — don’t have spouses, partners, or children to care for or about them. In addition, … Read more

Celebrating Seniors’ Independence & Helping Them Maintain It

Independence is a goal held dear by many seniors and their loved ones, not just on the 4th of July but year-round. Families celebrate Independence Day in the US with picnics, parades, baseball games, concerts, and fireworks! While the nation celebrates Independence Day, many family caregivers continue to provide daily care for their senior loved ones. We … Read more