Medication Management Conversation with Simple MedsSM on the Senior Care Corner® Podcast

Medications taken incorrectly can reduce their effectiveness or, worse, can be dangerous and even deadly. More than half of seniors take their medications incorrectly, at least from time to time if not every day, according to estimates we’ve heard. That’s understandable, since half are taking at least two prescription drugs in addition to a variety … Read more

House Sharing – Social and Financial Solution for Many Seniors on the Senior Care Corner® Podcast

Older adults who may be living alone as a result of being newly single when the kids leave the nest or losing a partner or those who never married or are recently divorced have realized that aging in place can be lonely without someone else around. Solo aging can also be expensive for those accustomed … Read more

Mobility Scooters Mean Independence on Wheels – and Risks – for Seniors

Independence and self-sufficiency are goals that many seniors seek — and many family caregivers seek for their loved ones. Remaining mobile even after their bodies cease cooperating is achievable through durable medical equipment such as walkers, canes, power wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. Many have opted to use a mobility scooter for the speed and convenience … Read more