Baker’s Dozen Ways to Share Your Caregiving Passion

Caregivers of senior loved ones know how important it is to have support. Having a helping hand can make the day bearable.

As Americans, we know how strength in numbers can achieve amazing things. When people band together for a common cause their impact can be exceptional.

There are many causes that we can get behind as caregivers in big and small ways to make the lives of all elders better.

Of course, there’s that added benefit that we feel better ourselves when we make a difference.

Ways You Can Make Difference

  1. Support Alzheimer’s causes such as the Longest Day or walk in a Memory Walk
  2. Support breast cancer efforts
  3. Advocate for Parkinson’s disease or participate in Moving Day
  4. Volunteer at a favorite organization, such as a senior center, nursing facility, or Area Agency on Aging
  5. Support a hospice foundation near you
  6. Raise funds for your favorite cause
  7. Be an organ donor
  8. Contact your elected officials to support your favorite cause; sign a petition for research funding
  9. Join a community group that advocates for seniors in your area; help clean up a neighborhood or paint a house of seniors in your community
  10. Deliver Meals on Wheels
  11. Donate your gently used items to a local agency servicing homebound seniors
  12. Exercise your passion for elders: become an eldercare advocate or ombudsman
  13. Encourage someone else to get involved!

Advocates raise awareness, fundraise, grow support for the cause, urge for government funding and research, help others, and improve care and services in whatever organization or cause they wish to join. Caregivers are very aware of the need for advocates and know the value of improvements and assistance they can receive. Caregivers make great advocates!

When you share your passion for helping your senior loved ones, it will pay off for many others for years to come!

Thank you for your advocacy!  Care to share? We look forward to hearing how you advocate for elders!

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