Home Design Trends for Aging in Place

Whether they stay in your home or relocate to another home, more of our parents want to stay out of facilities and in the home of their choosing. The homes in which aging adults have raised their families, and even most homes built more recently, probably weren’t designed with seniors’ needs in mind. A remodel … Read moreHome Design Trends for Aging in Place

Quick Reminder: Catch Medicare Open Enrollment Before It Closes

Medicare’s Open Enrollment period for 2011 benefits closes at the end of the year and along with it the opportunity for seniors to review and update benefits.  Is there a senior for or about whom you care who could use some help making choices?  Each year plans change and benefits change — as do the … Read moreQuick Reminder: Catch Medicare Open Enrollment Before It Closes

Don’t Get Stung by the High Cost of Care

Is your loved one living in an assisted living facility or nursing home or staying in their home? Are you paying, or helping to pay, the bill or overseeing their care? If so, then you have felt firsthand the pinch as costs for caring for an older person in a facility or at home have … Read moreDon’t Get Stung by the High Cost of Care

Pets Improve Health of Seniors

Man’s best friend is more than a cliché. How many of us have pets that are part of the family? Seniors have a lot of love for pets whether they are their own or animals belonging to others. Research proves that interaction with animals can improve the health and well being of seniors. Pets don’t … Read morePets Improve Health of Seniors

Future of Healthcare: Medical Home Model

With the advent of healthcare reform and the need to treat the aging population who have chronic medical conditions without bankrupting the payment system, new ideas to treat all Americans are coming to the forefront. One such strategy which hopes to close the gap in the nation’s healthcare is called the medical home care model. … Read moreFuture of Healthcare: Medical Home Model

Assistive Technology – Can You Benefit?

Do you need a little more help to do some of the many things you used to do easily? Are there tasks that you still want to accomplish on your own but just can’t quite do them? Help is on the way in the form of assistive technology. A variety of adaptive devices can help … Read moreAssistive Technology – Can You Benefit?

Health Care Reform Highlights

President Obama has signed into law a healthcare reform bill that created both controversy and confusion among lawmakers and citizens. It promises to provide healthcare to all citizens by 2014 as well as a myriad of other amendments. Many seniors worry what the outcome of this legislation will be on their current Medicare coverage as … Read moreHealth Care Reform Highlights