Promise of CES 2012: Better Lives for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

The biggest and best-attended International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) so far also held the most promise for improving the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of the lives of seniors and their loved ones. At the same time, the technology industry in general is still not focusing enough attention — translating into products and services — on the needs of seniors, the elderly and the sizable market they and the family caregivers and other loved ones who purchase for them represent.

Senior Care Corner took in the full of CES, as promised, to bring back to you what the conferences and exhibits had to offer. There were some highlights in the exhibits for seniors and their loved ones, but more in the promise held in the discussions of the conferences, most notably the Digital Health Summit and Silvers Summit. In this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast, we offer our overall impressions of CES and delve into some specific points we found interesting and think you might as well.

“Bells and whistles” can’t begin to describe the exhibition floors at CES. It is hard to imagine more television screens in one place, with lots being exhibited but many, many more being used for display purposes, entire walls and ceilings comprised of TVs in some areas. ¬†Even that doesn’t adequately describe the sights and sounds of CES. Still, the best parts of the Show to us were some of the conference sessions. As expected, the Digital Health Summit and Silvers Summit were the CES stars to us.

We heard speakers share their thoughts on why technology developers are not doing more to meet the needs of seniors and why the digital health effort in the healthcare industry is lagging the tech efforts in other areas. Even more important — and very encouraging — is what we heard about efforts in both areas to reduce the gap.

It was a privilege to hear Martin Cooper, the father of the cell phone, talk about technological innovation past and present as well as give advice for success in the future. We also especially enjoyed hearing John Scully talk about what is needed for digital health to achieve what is needed and the words of Dr. Leslie Saxon and many others who are working to make it happen.

We will be sharing in upcoming blog posts and podcast episodes more information and details about some of the products and services we encountered at CES, including interviews with some of those bringing exciting products to market so you can hear everything in their words.

One thing you’ll hear in this episode is that technology developers need to hear from seniors and their family caregivers about the future they see for themselves and the innovations that are needed to realize their visions. Make your voices known. Leave your thoughts with us, either as a comment to this post or on the wall of our Facebook page, and we will pass them along to the developers we met at CES.

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    • Thank you so much, Bruce. Hopefully if we lead the way now it will not only be easier for our elder loved ones but also our younger family members when WE reach our elder years.

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