Promoting Heart Health in Seniors & Their Family Caregivers

A key mission of ours is sharing health information with family caregivers of seniors to help them keep their loved ones healthy and safe throughout the year.

Because of the importance of awareness and education, we wholeheartedly (pun intended) support Wear Red Day for Women and Heart Health Month.

It’s that time of year again to encourage all caregivers to look out for the needs of both their senior loved ones and themselves by improving your lifestyles to protect your heart health.

February is a month-long celebration of Heart Health with one signature event to start it off — Wear Red for Women Day. We can all show our support for this endeavor by simply wearing red on Friday, February 1. It can be an outfit, a tie, a red dress pin or a fancy hat! Whatever red items you have to show everyone you support heart health.

#1 Killer of Women Facts

  • Heart disease is preventable
  • Women fail to recognize the connection between heart disease and their personal risk factors
  • Heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined
  • The Heart Truth campaign to increase awareness for women to take charge of their heart health
  • Heart disease strikes often in middle age but starts early and progresses over time
  • “Now” is always a good time to make positive changes to reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Age becomes a risk factor for women at 55

Heart Disease Risk Factors

You can control your risk factors for heart disease in order to reduce the potential of developing or worsening heart disease for you and your senior loved one.

  1. High blood pressure — 27 percent have hypertension
  2. High blood cholesterol — 35 percent have high cholesterol
  3. Diabetes — 12.6 million women of all ages
  4. Smoking — 17.3 percent are current smokers
  5. Physical inactivity — 53 percent do not meet physical activity recommendations
  6. Overweight — 51.6 are overweight with BMI (body mass index) over 25

Having just one risk factor increases your risk of developing heart disease and your risk skyrockets with each added risk factor. You can tackle your risk factors one by one, but make a change today!

Join me on Twitter @SrCareCorner because all this month I will be linking great information and resources to help you and your seniors stay heart healthy and well all year!

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