Seniors and Family Caregivers Facing – and Coping With – Life’s Transitions

Life is not for for the faint of heart! We all have heard that expression and most family caregivers personally feel that emotion and deeply understand it’s complexity of meanings daily. There really is no certainty in life except change. Most people struggle with change and transitions throughout their lives. Events such as changing jobs, … Read more

Commission on Long Term Care Report Insights – Senior Care Corner Show

12 million Americans need long term care services, a number certain to grow as the nation ages. Who will provide those services and where will we get the dollars to cover the costs? Good questions. In January 2013, Congress called for an effort to answer those questions by establishing the Commission on Long Term Care … Read more

Dad Can’t Take Care of Mom – Now What? Family Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers come in all ages, relationships and life histories. Many times the caregiver of an aging person is the spouse. Naturally, children or grandchildren are supporting their family members who are caregiving but the main responsibility is on the spouse. What we are seeing more and more is that spousal caregivers are getting burned out. … Read more