Dad Can’t Take Care of Mom – Now What? Family Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers come in all ages, relationships and life histories. Many times the caregiver of an aging person is the spouse. Naturally, children or grandchildren are supporting their family members who are caregiving but the main responsibility is on the spouse. What we are seeing more and more is that spousal caregivers are getting burned out. … Read more

Our 50th Senior Care Corner Show! Questions from Family Caregivers

50 episodes of the Senior Care Corner Show . . . and counting! We are pleased to reach this milestone, reflecting almost two years of our biweekly show, and proud that our listenership continues to grow and benefit from our work. We wanted to do something special for our feature segment of this episode, something … Read more

Seniors Tracking Their Health – There’s an App for That

Medical tracking using the latest technology is growing stronger every day. We believe that your senior loved ones, while beginning to adopt technology, probably haven’t yet gotten familiar with some great technology apps that can help them track and improve their health and wellness. Many of our seniors are using smartphones in a variety of … Read more

Family Caregiver Technology Planning for Aging in Place Loved Ones

Technology promises safer, healthier and more comfortable lives for our senior loved ones – a promise that is growing rapidly as more tech companies discover the promise aging customers have to offer them and learn how to develop products with seniors in mind, particularly those choosing to age in place at home. Just as the … Read more

Pain Management and Treatment for Senior Loved Ones

“Aging stinks!” “Everything hurts!” “Growing old isn’t for sissies!” Have your heard one of these or something similar from your senior loved? Some of us have even said them ourselves! Did you know that complaints of pain are the number one reason people go to the doctor? Pain affects people more than diabetes, heart disease … Read more