Happier Seniors are Healthier Seniors

How they feel not only affects our senior loved ones in the moment, but also for years to come. We found an article from AARP that highlights two recent studies that delve into the effect our seniors’ mood has on their physical health. One study in the Current Directions in Psychological Science suggests that a … Read more

10 Timeless Rules for Good Health

Modern medicine has advanced far beyond what was done in the past and there is nothing we can borrow from the past to improve the lives of our senior loved ones, right? Don’t be so sure. Here is a case where the modern and detailed may not be able to beat the traditional and simple. … Read more

12 Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Who are Aging in Place

Caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease face great challenges everyday. Significant time and attention is focused on activities to keep your senior loved one healthy and happy, with their safety a continuous concern. Home Safety Tips We have some tips that can help you make your senior’s home, or home away from home if they … Read more

Clinical Trials & Our Senior Loved Ones

We report about studies every day that have found new information about a disease.  Things we often hear about in the news from recent studies are new drugs to treat a chronic condition, a new gene that will unlock a cure, how siblings are affected by a particular condition, how a mother’s nutrition can affect the … Read more

Seniors Deserve Relief from Pain

76 million Americans suffer from pain, primarily arthritis and back pain.  Chronic pain in seniors can be devastating to their ability to live a full life.  Pain can also interfere with cognition and attention and lead to depression in older adults. Many doctors agree that we are doing a poor job of controlling chronic pain.  … Read more

Senior Brain Health: Tips & Tools to Exercise the Brain

Seniors can have improved cognition and reduced risk for developing dementia if they have fit brains.  This has been proven through various neuroscience research studies. Keeping your brain sharp and helping your seniors keep their minds active will make aging successful. “Brain fitness refers to a general state of healthy, optimized brain function, or a … Read more