Senior Care Corner Survey: Is Alzheimer’s Genetic Testing for You?

The subject of Alzheimer’s genetic testing in a recent post triggered quite a bit of feedback to us through social media and email. It seems many people have thoughts about whether or not they would choose to get tested for genetic characteristics related to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The buzz created by the post has us curious what more of you would say if asked the question outright…would YOU be tested? That curiosity drove us to create the first Senior Care Corner survey, which you will find below.

We hope you’ll take a minute (it probably won’t even take that) and let us know what you think. We are using SurveyMonkey so you know responses are being collected the right way. In the setup process we told SurveyMonkey we don’t want them to collect any information about respondents other than your responses.

Once we collect responses, we will report the results to you and discuss the overall feedback in a new post. We will also provide you more information about genetic testing for Alzheimer’s.

One more thing before we get to the survey – – we would like to get the thoughts of as many people as we can and hope you will ask your friends to respond as well.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and for being part of the Senior Care Corner community!

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3 thoughts on “Senior Care Corner Survey: Is Alzheimer’s Genetic Testing for You?”

  1. Thanks for setting this up Barry! I took the survey for you and I even got my wife to take it. It is a very important question. I am looking forward to the results.


    • Thank you so much, Aaron! We are looking forward to the results as well to see what folks think. I guess it is tough to really know what you would say, though, unless you are faced with the question.

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