Best Shoes for Swollen Feet and Ankles

One of the things that comes with age is health problems. It’s normal, and the body can manifest these things in some unusual ways.  One symptom can be the swelling of the feet. It may sound small and unimportant, but swollen feet can be agonizing and really dampen the enjoyment of life.  To help your … Read more

Best Fidget Blankets for Seniors with Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Sensory stimulation for those who are struggling with dementia can provide soothing for those who are agitated. It can calm them. Engaging in an activity throughout the day has also been shown to help your senior sleep better. If you care for a senior with dementia it might be hard to believe, especially after a … Read more

Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews Keeping track of your body’s oxygen levels and your heartbeat is critical for those with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions. Also, athletes often benefit from recording their vitals and oxygen levels, as it can help illuminate areas of weakness. Portable fingertip pulse oximeters are affordable, accessible, and easy to … Read more

The Best Glucometers for 2020 – Manage your Blood Sugar/Glucose Levels

Glucometers are essential to anyone needing to keep track of their glucose levels. While this often primarily refers to individuals with diabetes, glucometers can also be vital to people practicing the keto diet, pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and pet owners with diabetic animals. Let’s investigate more into how glucose meters work and find the … Read more

Seniors and Technology — Are They Ready for Each Other?

Are seniors and technology ready for each other? Yes . . . and no. We often hear that older adults just won’t warm up to and adopt technology and that the technology companies are not developing products and solutions to meet the needs of seniors. Both statements are overly broad generalizations that ignore reality, like … Read more

Don’t Let Poor Vision Impact Seniors’ Quality of Life

Is your senior loved one pulling away from tasks and events because of loss of vision? Are they telling you that their eyesight has become so impaired that they are finding things that used to come easily almost impossible now? Are you becoming worried that they won’t be able to remain living independently? What was … Read more

Senior Home Safety Issues — What Family Caregivers Can Do

Falls are always a concern for family caregivers of seniors, with good reason. There are 29 million falls each year and they are the leading cause of injury-related death in older adults. More than 7 million older adults require medical treatment or restricted activity following a fall. Falls are a primary cause for lack of … Read more

The BEST Device for Seniors to Access the Web & Social Media is…

There are many benefits for seniors in accessing social media and the web, but which device is the best one for that purpose out of the many options that are available (a number that is growing all the time)?  That question is one we hear frequently from both elder readers and their family members.  We … Read more