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Tech Home Improvement for Aging in Place on the Senior Care Corner Show

Tech Home Improvement for Aging in Place on the Senior Care Corner Show

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WiFi connection to broadband internet can add a lot to the health, safety and comfort of seniors aging in place, but only if they have it in their homes. That’s a role family members can fill for many seniors.

Home Improvement Month is the feature topic in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show, but we’re taking a somewhat different angle. In addition to the safety checks and some improvements that are easy and inexpensive if needed, we have a new suggestion. Some of the safety steps we revisit include…

  • Make sure items that are needed in the kitchen are on lower shelves, where reach and balance aren’t tested when they’re needed.
  • Consider installing pull out or rotating shelves to put needed kitchen items up front without reaching or leaning.
  • See if cabinet handles and drawer pulls create difficulty for hands that are weak or arthritic and replace them as needed.
  • Remove or secure loose throw rugs in walkways or in the bedroom, where they can create slip or trip hazards.
  • Make sure smoke detectors are installed and in working order, including regular battery replacement.

Check out our Home Seniorization Checklist for more suggestions for making the homes of senior loved ones more livable for aging in place.

WiFi for Aging in Place

There are many ways in which home WiFi connectivity can improve the aging in place experience for senior loved ones – – and many more that are in development by the tech community. Benefits they can see today justify the use of WiFi for many.

  • Seeing favorite movies and family videos via Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other streaming sources using connected blu-ray players, game consoles, TVs or other devices.
  • Ability to use computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices anywhere in the home that they choose.
  • Reducing reliance on increasingly restrictive and expensive cellular data plans by accessing the web with smartphones at home via WiFi rather than using the cellular network.

We discuss why the installation and setup of home WiFi is an important home improvement for aging in place loved ones in the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show. Check it out and decide for yourself if it’s something that could benefit your own senior loved ones.

News Items in this Episode

  • Constant Pain a Big Problem in Older Adults
  • One in Eight Older Adults Reports Mental Fog
  • Too Many Stroke Patients Don’t Call 911
  • As Pedestrians’ Age Rises, So Do Odds of Dying in Pedestrian Accident

Catch these news items, as well as Kathy’s Quick Tip on caring for dentures this time on the Senior Care Corner Show.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

 We hope you enjoy this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show and find it informative. Do you have suggestions for making seniors’ homes more livable for aging in place? We would love to get your comments!

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