Caregiving is the Greatest Teacher for Future Planning

Our Guest Author this month will help many who are facing aging alone once their family caregiving role comes to an end. Carol Marak is the founder of, the Elder Orphan Facebook group, and @Carebuzz Facebook Live events. She is an expert about everything aging. Herself a former family caregiver, Carol is personally equipped … Read more

Recipe for a Happy Family Caregiver Holiday

As family caregivers, our love and devotion to our senior loved ones shows through in our actions every day. As we complete each of our caregiving activities day in and day out, we show our commitment to improving our loved ones’ quality of life. Yes, our caring shows. We may be driving to the doctor, doing the … Read more

Giving Thanks to Family Caregivers and Those Who Support Their Efforts

Successful family caregivers provide for the needs of their loved ones while finding a way to navigate their own busy day and complete it with a sense of fulfillment. They don’t do it alone, but lean on the support of a broad network to make their successful day happen smoothly. But just what does that mean and how can you do … Read more

Benefits for Both When Seniors Engage with Younger Generations

As our world evolves and families live miles apart, it seems that young and old are not brought together as frequently as in prior generations. Today’s millennials are vastly different than their grandparents. They are largely removed from institutions, according to a recent Pew Research report, including families. In many cases, their parents both worked … Read more

Raising Awareness of Issues Faced by Seniors — Older Americans Month

It is time to Blaze a Trail with seniors across the country. Celebrating Older Americans Month (OAM) gives us the opportunity to raise awareness about the issues facing our older adults as they try to blaze their own trails. Over their lifetimes, seniors – including your senior loved ones – have made contributions to society … Read more

Dealing with Negative Comments – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

When you are a family caregiver, sometimes family members — especially siblings — can offer unsolicited opinions about you are doing. Sometimes it is even the one for whom you care that feels it necessary to comment on your performance or worse yet your “caring.” These comments can be hurtful instead of helpful when you are trying … Read more

Resolving Family Caregiver Conflicts – You Can Disagree and Still Care

Family conflict? Never! Let’s face it, we all don’t agree every minute. Family members and caregivers have a multitude of different details and issues to discuss so that actions can be taken to care for the person for whom they all love. These issues are often emotional and trigger disagreements and arguments. Unfortunately, sometimes disagreements … Read more