Senior Care Corner® is your source for insights and tips about caring for senior adults, whether you are doing so at home (either yours or theirs), remotely if you live at a distance, or if your loved one resides in a nursing home or other residential facility.

Many of us care for or about a senior adult, be it a family member, friend or neighbor.  We mean well but, try as we may, sometimes is seems so hard to know the right thing to do or say. When we do know the right thing, at times it is hard to do it. At one time or another we seem to stumble over things like these:

  • The doctor says she needs to avoid eating something specific on her diet, but that is exactly what she most wants to eat
  • He seems so bored and hard to stay focused but I just can’t come up with something that entertains him
  • I live far away from them but want to do SOMETHING to help out

At Senior Care Corner we will provide information and insights to help family caregivers successfully handle these and many other challenges based on our own experience and what we have learned from the successes – and sometimes failures – of others.  Our hope is to give you ideas that will help you make better the life of the senior in your life.

Not Doctors or Lawyers

We want it to be clear that we are not doctors or lawyers but will provide you ideas and options to help you make sound decisions and will from time to time bring you information from professionals in those areas.  If someone is under a doctor’s care you should clear changes with the doctor (if you don’t trust the doctor to tell you the right things – find another doctor!).

Likewise if you have a legal issue about which you’re not sure or that seems over your head, we suggest you consult with a lawyer experienced in the type of issue you face rather than acting solely on what you see on this — or any other — website.

Senior Care Corner Founding Team

The founders and previous editors of Senior Care Corner, Kathy and Barry Birkett, started the company because they realized there are unfulfilled needs for information that family members and other caregivers of elder adults can use to can use to improve the lives of the seniors who they love and/or for whom they care.  Through both their personal and professional needs they found a number of resources and products but little in the way of explanations and other information that most of us can use to understand and best provide for the needs of our loved ones.

Kathy is Senior Care Corner’s expert on the care of senior adults and caregiving, expertise she has gained through over 25 years working with seniors, families and caregivers in both professional and personal lives.  Kathy has worked with seniors in their homes as well as in nursing home, assisted living, rehab and hospital settings.

In her profession as a dietitian, Kathy gets to know elderly adults and their families closely in learning about their specific needs and situations, helping them find solutions to their issues.  In doing so, she works closely with other healthcare professionals and has a broad understanding of seniors’ needs.

Kathy is active on Twitter as the voice of Senior Care Corner at @SrCareCorner.

Barry’s professional background and interests complement those of Kathy, which is part of what makes them a great team for Senior Care Corner.  In addition to being a long time family caregiver himself, he has a business and analytical background, with an undergraduate education in technology and management plus an MBA.

Barry has been interested in and working with technology since, well, before the personal computer and has followed financial, business and technology issues related to seniors for a number of years.

Barry writes about technology, money and other topics for family caregivers.

Once again, welcome and we hope to see you back soon. We will be adding pages and posting to the blog on a regular basis so check back often.