4 Tennis Balls For Walkers (And Alternatives)

If you work or live around older people, you have probably seen a few people use walkers with tennis balls attached to the end, but have you ever wondered why that is? There are many benefits to adding tennis balls to walkers. 

Tennis balls make it far easier to move the walker over the floor for one. They also protect the flooring from being damaged by the walker, and they make using one of these much quieter as well. 

Did you know that there are tennis balls specially designed to be used on walers? And that you can also cut a regular tennis ball to fit onto the legs of any walker?

4 Tennis Balls For Walkers (And Alternatives)

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about tennis balls for walkers, including the best ones you can buy right now, and alternatives to tennis balls if they don’t work as well for you. 

Let’s get into it!

Tennis Balls For Walkers

A tennis ball is very simple, and you can cut and modify a standard tennis ball to use on a walker if you want. Some local tennis clubs donate their older worn-out balls to be used for this purpose, so if you want to save a bit of money you could ask around in these places. 

If this is not the case, you may either purchase replacements or use one of the ones listed below. The key difference between what you’ll see here and elsewhere is in the design pattern and style of the cut where the leg is placed. Naturally, this can also save you the hassle of cutting the balls, which might result in harm if not done carefully.

If you think that none of these options is right for you, then check out the tennis balls alternative section further down.

STARTOP Deluxe Pre Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides

STARTOP Deluxe Pre Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides - Walkers Legs Universal Precut Glide Balls, Accessories Gifts for Elderly Seniors or Medical Rehab (Yellow)

If you’re not searching for something extravagant and simply want a standard tennis ball, but also want something pre-cut and easy to install, this StarTop option is for you.

Startop Walker Balls are constructed from authentic tennis balls with a better grade felt that glides smoothly across doorways, carpets, and walkways where other walkers may become stuck.

Each tennis ball already has a ‘Y’ cut at the top, which simplifies installation. There is no need to squeeze; simply place the walker leg in the slit and push. Why risk injury or waste time cutting outdated or damaged balls? Startop’s exclusive cut design ensures a significantly more secure fit than any other walker ball available.

Unlike plastic walker slides, the custom-cut walker balls will never scratch, nick, or scrape your precious Pergo, linoleum, or hardwood flooring. With these tennis balls, you can glide across the majority of surfaces with ease.

You can choose your style and demonstrate your individuality by selecting from four animal patterns rather than the traditional green, purple, or blue! The animal prints you can choose from are leopard, cheetah, tiger, and zebra. If you want to stick with the classic though, you can still choose a green tennis ball. 

Installing these tennis balls is super easy. They easily slide onto the 1 1/8″ tubing on the majority of walkers without the requirement of additional equipment. Additionally, Startop uses genuine tennis balls rather than cheap toys, ensuring maximum durability and long-term use.

For a simple walker accessory, these are the tennis balls for you. 


  • Range of patterns available – if you want to stand out, try out the different animal prints
  • Easy to install – thanks to the precut holes, you can pop them on your walker with ease
  • Won’t damage any flooring – these are guaranteed to protect your floors


  • Short lifespan – depending on how much walking you do, you may find that these break down or wear out very quickly

Also available at https://global.unlimitedcellular.com.

Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Ball

Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Balls - 1 Pair (Tiger)

If you have your heart set on tiger print for your tennis balls, then you will love the Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Ball. And its eye-catching design is not the only good thing about this product either. 

These tennis balls are ready to use straight away thanks to them being precut with an X incision. This makes adding them to your walker super simple as well, and once they are on they won’t slip or fall off. 

These tennis balls also do an excellent job at protecting your flooring due to their very soft felt fabric. No matter whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, these tennis calls won’t leave a single mark or scuff as you are walking. 

If you want to save a bit of money, then you will be glad to see that these are some of the cheapest tennis balls for walkers that you can buy. Costing under $9 for two balls, these give you a very cheap way to dress up your walker.


  • Low cost – if you’re trying to save a bit of money, then these are an excellent option for you
  • Pre-cut – you don’t have to mess around with knives with these balls, which makes them much safer than making your own
  • Protects flooring – these won’t leave any marks while you are walking


  • Low quality – due to their low cost, these tennis balls are not made of the finest materials, and so may break down very quickly
Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Balls - 1 Pair (Tiger)
Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Balls - 1 Pair (Tiger)
READY TO USE - just slip them on and go; PROTECTS FLOORS & CARPETS with soft felt exterior

RMS Walker Glide Balls

RMS Walker Glide Balls - A Set of 2 Balls with Precut Opening for Easy Installation, Fit Most Walkers (Grey),2 Count (Pack of 1)

These tennis balls are a very popular choice for people with walkers for several reasons. 

For a start, they are pre-cut and ready to use straight away. Each tennis ball comes with a pre-cut straight slice across it. This is a fantastic solution if you’re concerned about harming yourself when creating your walker balls. Squeeze the tennis ball to open it, then set it on the walker.

The last thing you want is a very loud walker that will bother both you and everyone around you. Luckily, the RMS walker balls solve this issue for you. The walker balls are designed to glide effortlessly and quietly across a variety of surfaces, allowing you to move about discreetly and with very little effort. 

The RMS Walker Balls fit the majority of walkers equipped with standard 1-inch tubing, meaning that installation should be easy as you don’t have to force them on the legs of your walker. 

All around, this is an excellent product that will make using a walker much easier for you. 


  • High-quality materials – these tennis balls are made with a rubber interior and a soft felt outer lining so they should last you a long time
  • Makes your walker quieter – now you don’t have to worry about your walker clacking as you walk and distracting people around you
  • Protects flooring – no matter what floors you have in your home, these balls won’t damage them


  • Issues with slit cut – rather than using a standard X or Y cut, these balls use a slit cut to insert your walker’s legs into. This can let in dirt and grime from the outside into the balls themselves, which can then make the bottom of your walker very dirty or grimy

Also available at https://www.ubuy.com.

RMS Walker Glide Balls - A Set of 2 Balls with Precut Opening for Easy Installation, Fit Most Walkers (Grey),2 Count (Pack of 1)
RMS Walker Glide Balls - A Set of 2 Balls with Precut Opening for Easy Installation, Fit Most Walkers (Grey),2 Count (Pack of 1)
WHAT'S INCLUDED: A set of 2 balls.; FITS MOST WALKERS: The RMS Walker Balls fit most walkers with standard 1 inch tubing.

Penco Medical Walkerballs

Penco Medical Walkerballs - The Original Walkerballs – 1 Pair of Patriotic

Penco pioneered the commercially produced walker ball, and if you’re searching for a way to demonstrate your national pride, you’ve found it! These are decorated with the American flag, making them excellent for veterans or any patriotic American.

If your walker has front wheels rather than basic legs, then these balls might be best for you as they have been designed to let your walker glide smoothly on almost any surface. 

These hollow balls with a unique shape are pre-cut to fit the majority of walkers’ legs, regardless of the leg tubing diameter. They are also available in a variety of colors, so the walker may be customized to your style. 

These tennis balls take you back to basics and provide you with exactly the right level of supposed that you may need when out walking. 


  • Very durable – these last far longer than using a typical tennis ball would 
  • Patriotic – show off your love for your country. Veterans are partially fond of these tennis balls
  • High quality – made from great materials, these won’t wear down too quickly


  • Installing them can be difficult – these balls are a bit stiff, so pushing them onto your walker might be a bit difficult if you do not have a lot of strength in your hands. 

Also available at https://www.ubuy.com.

Penco Medical Walkerballs - The Original Walkerballs – 1 Pair of Patriotic
Penco Medical Walkerballs - The Original Walkerballs – 1 Pair of Patriotic
Offered in a variety of colors for personalization of the walker.

Tennis Ball Alternatives

Tennis balls for walkers are not for everyone owing to their look, usefulness, or durability. If you’re seeking an alternative to tennis balls, bear in mind that there are several other goods available that are as effective as these. 

Here are a few other alternatives for you to try out.

Vive Walker Ski Glides And Covers 4 PCS – Universal Replacement Feet

Vive Walker Ski Glides & Covers 4 PCS - Tennis Ball Accessories Sliders for Seniors, Universal, Heavy Duty - Precut Medical Folding Rolling Slider Replacement Feet Coaster Cap Gliders, Durable

These are the standard universal-fit walker ski glides, but with the added convenience of little slippers for usage in hardwood environments. This helps to avoid scuffing the flooring.

This is normally not an issue with ski glides, but if you’re in an area where the floors have recently been restored and you’re concerned about causing damage, this is something to consider.

The Vive walker ski glides have a smooth, uncomplicated action and are scaled to fit any walker design. Curved ski glides securely themselves firmly to posts with a diameter of 1″ – 1 1/8″. 

You can use these on tile, pavement, concrete, or carpet, without dragging your walker or using unsightly tennis balls. This pair of two walker ski glides include two velour glide covers for indoor use.

These glides can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are scratch-resistant and can give you added stability no matter what surface you are walking on. 

The inclined ski tips glide gently over door jambs, carpets, and tile-to-carpet transitions. Two velour glide covers are included for indoor use. While going from the exterior to the interior, these coverings add a layer of protection against snags and scratches.

The thick walker ski glides are constructed of a durable composite material and are meant to resist frequent use. The silent glides leave no scratching or snagging marks on carpets or rugs.

While all of these features are excellent, if you are not happy with the product then you can make use of Vive’s 60-day warranty, allowing you to purchase with confidence.


  • Gives you more stability – you don’t have to worry about becoming unbalanced with these walker accessories
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces – no matter where you are walking, these will not damage your floors, and your floors will not damage the feet
  • Very durable – these will last you a very long time compared to tennis balls


  • May not fit your walker – though the company says that these can fit all walkers, many customers have that this is not the case. They frequently seem to be too small for many walker legs

Also available at https://www.ubuy.com.

Drive Medical Rtl100014 Sneaker Walker Glides

Drive Medical Rtl100014 Sneaker Walker Glides, Blue, 1 EA

While these are the most expensive walker leg tips here, they are the most unique and fun to look at. These tiny shoes for your walker glide as readily as any other type of ski and make wonderful conversation starters.

These work just as well as any other walker accessory, with them gliding across the majority of surfaces effortlessly and smoothly.

Installing these is super easy as all you have to do is push them on and you are ready to go. 

These fit all diameters of tubing thanks to a knob on the bottom of the glide that is used to modify the tubing’s diameter.

If you want a more unique accessory for your walker, you have to try these out. 


  • Fun design – having tiny shoes for your walker will certainly get people’s attention
  • Glides easily across floors- like tennis balls or other alternatives, these can be used on almost any surface


  • May get caught as you walk – due to the unique design, these may get caught on the edges of doorways or bumps on the floor as you walk around

Also available at https://www.ubuy.com.

Drive Medical Rtl100014 Sneaker Walker Glides, Blue, 1 EA
Drive Medical Rtl100014 Sneaker Walker Glides, Blue, 1 EA
Stylish tennis shoe glides personalize the walker; Allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces

Buyer’s Guide

Here is everything you need to know about using tennis balls or any other alternative on the legs of walkers.

Pre-Cut Vs DIY

If you are buying tennis balls that have been specially designed for use on the walker’s legs, then these will come pre-cut so you can pop them on the walker straight away. 

If instead, you choose to make your own out of tennis balls that you have lying around, then you will have to cut a hole in the balls yourself. This can be more dangerous than you might first imagine, as tennis balls are notoriously difficult to cut. 

If you are going to DIY them, then it is best to use a serrated bread knife over a sharper knife. This will allow you to cut into the ball rather than stab it. 

You should try to do this when other people are around, as there is a high chance that you could injure yourself due to the fabric of the ball making the knife slip

Type Of Cut

From this list, you have probably seen that the most common types of cuts in tennis balls are shaped like an X or a Y. While there is essentially no difference between the two, and X cut might just about have a better grip on your walker’s legs over a Y cut.

Some balls come with a slit cut, which is just a straight line. While this makes it a bit easier to put the walker’s leg into the ball, this kind of cut also allows more dirt to get in, meaning it could make your walker in general very dirty. 


While tennis balls or other walker accessories are not the most expensive objects, these are products where the price does indicate the quality of the item. If you buy cheap tennis balls, then the materials will be of lower quality and they will break down easier. 

Be sure to consider your budget and what you want from your tennis ball before making your choice. If you want a more durable tennis ball for your walker, then you might need to spend more on it.


Tennis balls or other accessories to go on the legs of your walker typically only come in one size and are universal. That is because all walkers are the same size, give or take a few millimetres. 

There is a chance that your tennis balls are slightly too small to fit onto your legs, but if that is the case you can make them bigger yourself by cutting the whole to be bigger. 


Are you after a traditional tennis ball look? Or do you want something a bit more funky? Nowadays, you can get any sort of design you want for your grips. Want animal print? Well, there are tennis balls with patterns of almost any animal out there. What about colors? Well, you’ll be glad to know that whatever your favorite color is, someone has made the grip in that color as well.

If you want something even more unique, then you could find grips in fun designs or shapes, such as the grips that looked like shows in the list above. 

Choosing a different grip is a fun way to express your style and humor. 

Do They Damage Floors?

A lot of time, people get groups for the end of their walkers not because they need their stability, but because they do not want to damage their flooring. 

Most of the time when buying these products, they will advertise what floors they work best on or what floors they may damage. Keep this in mind, as if a grip says that it will damage hardwood floors and you have these in your home, this is one to avoid. 


How durable the product is will depend on its materials. Grips made of composite materials are usually the strongest, especially if they will be used on pavements a lot. 

If you do not plan on using a walker when outside though, you can get away with using tennis balls that are less durable as they will only have to deal with carpeted floors or linoleum in your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute tennis ball-related questions answered below! 

How Do I Cut My Tennis Balls?

If you don’t want to purchase tennis balls for walkers, then you can make your walker balls with a little effort. 

Before cutting into any tennis balls though, you have to be aware of the risks that come with this. Tennis balls are known for being “evasive” when cut. This means that they are very hard to cut into. 

You risk slicing your finger if you attempt to stab or hack at them. Be aware of your safety when making your walker balls, and maybe have someone with you to help if you are unconfident about doing this alone. 

The simplest way to cut into a tennis ball is to use a serrated knife, like a bread knife and saw into the ball. This may be accomplished by clamping a tennis ball in a vice as this will keep the ends of your fingers safe and away from the blade. 

Why Are Tennis Balls Used On Walkers?

When purchasing a walker, the rear feet are often pre-installed with rubber pads. While this may be acceptable for some, the majority of older adults who walk desire something that allows them to push their walker rather than lifting it with each stride. 

They find it much easier to push the walker along than to elevate it with each step, and the tennis balls slide across the floor effortlessly.

Pushing a walker equipped with rubber pads on the back legs is difficult and leads to the walker ‘shuttering’ as you move. This is why the rear foot of many walkers is equipped with tennis balls. They assist with pushing, protect the flooring from scuffing, and can make the walk much smoother. 

Additionally, these rubber pads degrade rapidly, resulting in scraping floors or an incredibly loud dragging sound when the walker is pushed on hard surfaces.