Silvers Summit 2011

We at Senior Care Corner were excited to be a part of the Silvers Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show.  The Silvers Summit section is an arm of this international technology conference that focuses on the technology advances specific to our seniors.

We had the pleasure to learn about the latest information from experts in the field of technology.  They were all very passionate about their areas and the benefits of the latest technology.

As caregivers we are looking for gadgets that will help us help our seniors whether we live with them, nearby or far away.  We have made it clear that we want devices that will give us peace of mind that our seniors get the help they need with daily activities such as medication administration, socialization and safety; the ability to stay in their homes as long as possible; and  getting emergency assistance as quickly as possible.

The Silvers Summits Points of Interest

  • Any new or existing technology aimed at our boomers should decrease the burden of caregiving on their loved ones
  • New items should have a common goal: make our seniors safe and secure in their setting
  • New technology should be appropriately priced, especially since insurance and Medicare do not yet cover them
  • New advances will meet the needs more of the caregiver than the senior and will be marketed to you not the senior
  • All gadgets should be accessible to seniors with disabilities
  • All technology created should be integrated across the spectrum of devices so that they are usable  together and make it unnecessary to have multiple devices that don’t connect
  • New technology should be accessible to seniors and caregivers who are middle and low income

As we all become consumers of this new technology and gadgets it will be important for us to give our feedback about what we need and want for our seniors.  These manufacturers want to be sure their products fulfill our needs.  Therefore, let us not hesitate to share our opinions about how these products work in our environments, what their limitations are and how they are successful.  We look forward to hearing about your experiences with these devices so that we can all benefit.

We will be highlighting some of the products we feel could benefit us all as caregivers on future posts.  If you have interest in a specific product or type of need, let us know and we will track it down for you.