Peek at AARP Life@50+ with Focus on Health Innovation

Two days plus packed with meeting people, learning about current resources for seniors & caregivers and gaining insight into some health innovations – plus LOTS of walking…that pretty much summarizes the working part of our trip to AARP’s Life@50+ National Event. It was held in New Orleans, so there were many distractions from work, but we managed to stay focused so we could give a full report.

We approached this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast a little differently from our typical format to provide our coverage to this great event for family caregivers of seniors (okay, it’s pretty good for seniors themselves, too). In place of the regular news segment, Kathy is providing a quick peek at some of the events on the agenda. Just some tidbits, but we hope enough to get some caregivers interested in taking in one of next year’s events. Don’t worry, the news will be back next time!

Encouraging Health Innovation

Our Feature Segment for this episode is a focus on something new from AARP. One of their emphasis areas, as it is for Senior Care Corner, is technology and specifically promoting the development of technology and innovation for older adults. A new initiative in this area was their inaugural Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch, an event that didn’t get media attention commensurate with its importance to the seniors and caregivers of both today and tomorrow.

This event brought together ten companies, the best of eighty applicants, with health innovations for older adults and investors targeting the next big place to put their money. Each of the companies pitched their idea and answered questions from a panel of judges from the investment community, with the judges picking their top pitch at the end of the day.

In a twist that we really loved, AARP had the companies make a second set of pitches at the end of the day, but this time not to investors but to potential consumers, with the consumers selecting their own prize winner.

While only two of the ten were selected to win prizes (you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out which ones), we see all as winners for getting their ideas in front of investors. Some of those may end up big winners of financial infusions that will help them make their business plans reality. In the long run, though, we see family caregivers and seniors as the winners because of the encouragement events like this give to those who have ideas that will benefit older adults.

Companies Making Pitches – We describe the products they pitched in our Feature Segment.

We picked up a lot at the event to pass along in future posts and podcasts. We also encountered a number of people whose ideas and resources intrigued us, some of whom will be interview subjects for future podcasts.

Yes, we’ll share with you a lot of what we learned at the Life@50+ Event because we think its’ important to family caregivers. We hope, though, that many of our readers will decide to attend themselves next year, especially since AARP is expanding to two locations starting next year to make it more convenient for more people to take part.

We hope to see you at one in the future. Whether you attend or not, we also hope you check back here at Senior Care Corner because we’ll be reporting back what we find there.

Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience