World Alzheimer’s Month Week 2: Risk Factor Control & Working to #ENDALZ

September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Senior Care Corner is a strong supporter of the fight to end Alzheimer’s and to meet the needs of those who have the disease — as well as the family caregivers providing what they can toward those needs.

Each Tuesday of the month we’re presenting an Alzheimer’s topic to help increase awareness and support the cause.

For week two we are discussing control of risk factors while supporting the effort to bring an end to the disease.

Researchers have yet to determine the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. There is also at this time, no known cure or really an effective treatment to stop the progression of, much less reverse, the disease. At this time it is always a fatal disease.

Hopefully that won’t be true for long, because there is a great deal of work going into putting an end to Alzheimer’s, a cause that even has its own popular Twitter hashtag, #ENDALZ, used by friends and supporters of the effort.

While we are awaiting the demise of the disease, we can still act and urge loved ones to do so as well.

Alzheimer’s Risk Factor Control

There are some risk factors that many of can impact with changes in lifestyle and habits.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers this list of examples (Source: HealthDay News)

    Head trauma — Serious head injuries are thought to predispose some people to Alzheimer’s. You can help prevent head injuries by always wearing your seat belt in a car, wearing a bike helmet or sports helmet, and by safeguarding your home against falls.

    Heart health — There’s growing evidence that the health of your heart is linked to the health of your brain. With the help of your doctor, be sure to monitor your heart health and treat any problems that surface.

    Age healthy — Get enough exercise, skip junk food in favor of lots of fruits and vegetables, and be sure to lose any excess weight.

Let’s all support the fight to End Alzheimer’s together.

Ways You Can Help

Here are just a few of the many ways you can take action in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Wear purple to increase awareness in those around you. When they ask why you are wearing the color, be sure to let them know. It will be even more important to sport purple on September 21 which is World Alzheimer’s Day.
  2. Donate your time or treasure to the fundraising efforts in your community and nationwide.
  3. Participate in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event near you. If there isn’t one close by, look into starting one with others in your community.
  4. Learn more about Alzheimer’s to better understand the disease, what it can do to people and why so many are working so hard to eradicate it.
  5. Assist a loved one or friend with Alzheimer’s or who is caring for someone with the disease.
  6. Volunteer in a local aging organization.
  7. Stop by Senior Care Corner to check out the weekly topics and look back at our prior posts and episodes in which we discuss Alzheimer’s, including our interview with a dementia practitioner.