Caregivers Need to Know … and Record

If you are a loved one or other caregiver of a senior, there are some very important pieces of information that you should have at your fingertips (not literally, but readily available when needed).  All too often, we don’t have this information and we have not thought about gathering it.

Let’s all do it together, the time is now!

Too many people who don’t do it in advance find that at the time it is needed things are just too stressful and rushed to gather and record the information.

In a notebook, jot down this information for the senior loved ones in your life.

  • Full name including middle and maiden names
  • Home address and phone number
  • Social security number
  • Medicare/Medicaid number
  • Doctor’s name and contact information
  • Full list of medications and dosages including prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as supplements/herbals
  • List of allergies
  • List of medical diagnosis and dates of last hospitalization
  • Blood type (if available)
  • List of medical devices used, names, manufacturer and any other pertinent details
  • Where the advance directives copies are stored (if you don’t know, find out and secure a copy; if there are none, try to get  them executed or discuss your senior’s wishes and write down their thoughts here)
  • Other contact numbers of importance such as lawyer, accountant, church leader, financial planner
  • Banking information: account numbers, safety deposit box and key, passwords, PIN
  • Insurance company. policy numbers and contact person and phone number
  • Pre-planned funeral information and contact number (if applicable)
  • Utility companies: list and contact information
  • Poison Control Phone Number

It might take you a little time to get all this information together but once you have it all in one place, you will always be ready for a situation that makes the information necessary!

Keep this notebook handy and safe.  You might want to keep another copy somewhere else or with other family members so everyone is ready in an emergency!  Keep in mind, though, that some of the information is private and could be used for identity theft or other purpose harmful to your loved one!

Have we missed a piece of information that you keep for your loved ones or you feel should be on our list?  Your suggestions are appreciated.

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