Celebrating Mothers With Gratitude and Love

Mother’s Day is a special day of celebration, recognition, and remembrance for the women who shaped our generations and us as individuals.

Family caregivers show Mom how important she is to them every day, with Mother’s Day still being a special time to thank her for all she has done.

We celebrate the women who spent their days caring for their children and their households, often receiving very little recognition, praise, or thanks.

Moms, after all, are paid in the currency of hugs and in the pride they gain watching their children grow and develop through their own lives.

Motherhood is the most fundamental labor of love.

Caring About — and for — Our Mothers

For many mothers, it is also time to care for their own mothers and grandmothers, stepping forward to be caregivers of those women who gave so much to us, often as we still are caring for our own children and households.

Being a caregiver to your mother or grandmother (or someone who you call mom) is not a burden but a joy, even though at times it exhausts you physically, emotionally, and financially.

It can often add stress to your days but, in the long run, you will be forever thankful that you answered the call.

There are many women and men who have taken on the role of family caregiver to aging mothers and who stop to take time out today to celebrate the gifts they were given.

Let us join together and show our love and respect for our mothers.

Mother’s Day Facts

  1. Mother’s is celebrated in nations around the globe and is the third most popular special day worldwide
  2. In 1914 Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in the US
  3. There are more than 85 million mothers in the US, according to Census statistics
  4. According to Pew Research, in 2016 mothers spent much more time in paid work than 50 years ago (average of 25 hours weekly vs. 9) while still spending more time caring for their children (14 hours weekly now vs. 9 fifty years ago)
  5. The number one choice for flowers for mom is a mixed bouquet, roses are fourth on the list but the special flower for Mother’s Day is a carnation
  6. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest retail holidays, with the National Retail Federation projected over $23 billion to be spend on Mom, with the biggest amounts spend on jewelry, special outings such as dinner, flowers, cards, and more

Inspirational Quotes and Poem

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment
slowly turns to compassion and understanding.”- Erma Bombeck

 “The watchful mother tarries nigh, though sleep has closed her infant’s eyes.” – John Keble

Mothers Are The Gardeners by Nicholas Gordon
Mothers are the gardeners
Of wind-blown wild flowers.
They water them with happy tears,
Happy with them many years,
Even as the hours
Ring with sweet, sad melodies
Sighing through their bowers.

We hope you all have a special day with your mothers in person, from a distance – – or in your memories of them.

Thank you Mom!